Salacia Reticulata root

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Tonic, To control blood sugar in our human body
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India, Tamil Nadu, India
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Salacia, Salacia Reticulata
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Salacia reticulata is used to control the blood sugar in our human body. It has no side effects and the treatment is effective.

Latin name:Salacia Reticulata
Parts Used: Roots
Salacia Reticulata is a climbing shrub with blackish branches.It has Salanisol as active principle for diabetic treatment. Yet another Ayurvedic herb holds great promise for management of weight and blood sugar issues. Salacia Reticulata is a large, woody climber found in the rain forests of Sri Lanka and parts of western India.

Medical Action:

 Salacia Reticulata contains Salaretin and mangiferin which reduces the sugar level and protect the body from any secondary side effect of Diabetes. Its principal use in traditional, Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of diabetes is near legendary. It was believed to be so potent that patients were told to simply drink water left to sit overnight in a cup made from the wood of the plant. Yet, until only recently the antidiabetic effect of Salacia remained a mystery.

Mangiferin in Salacia Reticulata inhibits the formation of LDL and thus maintains the blood lipid profiles. A pilot clinical study in human volunteers found that when a water extract of Salacia stems was drunk 5 minutes before a beverage containing 50 grams of sucrose, the increase in serum glucose from the sugar was significantly suppressed (Shimoda et al., 1998). This finding led to a placebo-controlled cross-over study of Salacia in patients with type 2 diabetes not taking medication. After 6 weeks on a diet containing a water extract of Salacia or placebo, the results showed that the Salacia group had significantly lower fasting plasma glucose levels, significantly lower body weight, and a significant decrease in their total glycohemoglobulin levels (Kajimoto et al., 2000). A similar study (6-month, randomized, placebo-controlled cross-over design) in type 2 diabetics taking oral hypoglycemics (Metformin and Sulphonylurea) along with either placebo or a tea containing Salacia found a significant decrease in the level of glycohemoglobulin and in the required dose of sulphonylurea in the Salacia.
Indian Research has shown that Salacia Reticulata also has Hepatoprotective effects. As such, it is also used as a liver tonic.



by Maria G. Essig, MS, ELS, senior medical writer - Researchers in Japan found that polyphenolic compounds extracted from Salacia reticulata could inhibit fat metabolism and enhance lipolysis. 


It is mainly used for diabetes patient to control blood sugar in our human body.

 "Salacia reticulata, a Hippocrateaceae plant distributed in Sri Lankan and Indian forests, has been used as a supplementary food in Japan to prevent obesity and diabetes," said Masayuki Yoshikawa and colleagues at Kyoto Pharmaceutical University.